Book Review: Ouya Unity Game Development

9701OSYou are probably here because you’ve heard of this new piece of technology called the Ouya, and you want to develop games for it. Unfortunately as is always the case with new technology there isn’t much information available out yet. Well this book is for you so if you’re looking to deploy your game on Ouya I recommend you check it out.

The author starts out with a brief history of how video games came to be. Personally, I think this is best left to it’s own book, as there is more information to cover than this book has spare pages for. At the end of this chapter it goes over the history of Ouya and it’s release.

Next the author goes into a comprehensive set up for getting unity ready to deploy to the Ouya. The author is very through and the guide is easy to follow.

Even though the book assumes that you have a basic understanding of Unity this next chapter gives a great overview of Unity. Starting with explaining the three different scripting languages available(Boo, C# and UnityScript) and why the author chooses C#. Then he goes over the project structure, setting up your scenes, scripts with MonoDevelop and ends with creating our first level.

Now that the groundwork is laid out the next two chapters we focus on making our game. The author walks us through moving the camera and the player, adding controller support, loading in the player model and adding animation. The code is explained as we go and is even commented. Now that we got a rough playable game, we go over polishing it up. We are taught how to add texture to our prefabs, make a skysphere, how to add more levels and check for level completion and add sounds to our game.

In case you were wanting to make some money from inside our game the author now walks us through setting up In-app purchases. This chapter is ended by explaining how to submit our game. Yay, we’ve done it!

As if that wasn’t enough the author now guides us through one of Unity’s most powerful features, cross-platform development. The author explains platform dependent compilation and then guides us through the changes we need to make so that our game runs on both Ouya and other Android devices.

The source code is nicely commented, easy to read and understand. The project runs smoothly right off the bat without having to fix any errors.

Overall this was an excellent book. It was complete and topics were explained very well and even cover common fail points. We set up Unity to deploy to Ouya, made a game and polished it, we added in-app purchases, and then we learned how to make our game run cross-platform on other android devices. If you’re looking to deploy your game on Ouya or want a comprehensive introduction to development with Unity I would recommend this book.

I give it: 5/5

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